My motivation to start writing came about in three parts, the most recent advice is some that I will never forget:

Recently my girlfriend and I had the good fortune to go and see my favorite author Malcolm Gladwell speak at a 92Y event on the upper east side. Alongside Gladwell, we also got to hear from Brian Grazer.

It was a great night, and interesting topics were discussed. What stuck with me was Brian talking about meeting people when he was younger:

“Every two weeks, almost as a religion, or like a religion, I would meet somebody who was an expert in any of those areas just to ask questions and dig inside what could be the truth of what they’re doing,” he says.

Early on, he was able to make his way into the office of legendary studio executive Lew Wasserman.

“He went into his office and got a pad of paper and a 2H pencil, and said put the pencil to the paper and it has more value than it did as separate parts,” says Grazer.

Grazer then further extended this notion to suggest that Wasserman was saying that until you create (write, make, build) something you have no value to me, and why would I want to engage with you.

It was truly an epiphanic moment for me, and I realized in that instance I needed to create something every day.

Further to my inspiration and getting me across the line were two pieces:

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