One of the major components of the Engineering Degree at the University of Melbourne is the Capstone Project.

"The aim of the subject is to give the students the knowledge and skills required to carry out real-life software engineering projects. Students will work in large teams to develop a non-trivial software system for an external client using advanced software engineering techniques."

Our project, of which I was selected as the PM (Project Manager) was named Alphacity.

With rapidly increasing population, various resources shortages and climate change, the need for long-term sustainable urban development are vital to ensuring a countries prosperity and longevity. Alphacity aims to use scenario planning to educate, communicate and discover better methods for urban design and development.

Alphacity is a 3D browser based game, designed to inform users about the impact and function of town planning on a city or precinct. Using real-time, multiplayer online technologies, users will make key deacons in their municipality and observe realistic feedback on how this might effect an actual urban environment.

The core game was developed using Unity3D written in C#. The server was a java server running on a Linux virtual machine. The game was embedded in a ruby on rails web application that managed user's and presented the game using web sockets.

(Screen Shot of Website)
Alphacity Website Screenshot

Overall the project was a big success with a happy client. Although the project was extremely time consuming and stressful throughout the majority of the year, it was also extremely rewarding with excellent real life experience. I was fortunate to have such a great team, which worked excellently together to create a great product.