Choosy is a simple and lightweight five dollar ten dollar app that runs in the background, and allows you to choose which browser to use.


If you are like me, and you often use your work computer at home, it's a good practice to have a division between work and personal. For me, this means, Dropbox for personal and google drive for work, different email accounts, slacks accounts, etc. This is never more important than for browsers. I use chrome for work, as the majority of my day I am using the Chrome developer tools, and then for anything personal I use safari.

With this setup, I used to have Chrome set as my default browser. However this had problems, if I got a personal email and wanted to open up the link in Safari, I would either first open it in Chrome, then open it again in Safari (I built an alfred script for this), or I would copy and paste the link into Safari. This was far from ideal, but Choosy solved all of this.


Once you have installed Choosy, then when you click on a link from a nonbrowser application, you will be presented with this dialogue:

And you can just choose which browser to use to open the link. You can also setup rules, so choosy automatically picks the browser based on the context.


First you need to install choosy; you should also install the browser extensions. Then from within your macOS preference panel, you can set up your browsers and rules.

  1. Setup choosy as your default browser: Enable Choose for links. Start Choosy helper at login.

  2. Then, add your browsers. In here you can add a ton of browsers, and you can even add apps that wouldn't typically be considered a browser, such as Evernote (so you can then click a link and save the content directly).

  3. Next, you can change the basic behavior. (always open with browser X, if it is the only one open, etc.)

  4. Configure the rules. You can setup custom rules, to open particular URLs in a particular browser


Choosy has become an indispensable tool for me, and its one of the first apps that I install on a new computer. The browser extensions are extremely convenient, giving you the ability to right-click a link and choose a different browser to open the link in. I got this originally when it was $5 and I think it was superb value, $10 is on the steeper side, but due to the fact that I use it everyday I would likely still pay the price.

Recommend: 👍

Usefulness: ★★★★☆

Value: ★★★☆☆