The Dial Machine by Oscar Morrison

March 8, 2015

Create a toy for an infant or pet that requires physical movement of some kind.

The toy I designed is an interactive Dice called “The Dial Machine”. It has the exact same abilities of a normal dice, with a much cooler presentation. Wikipedia list 40+ games that use primarily (or complete) a dice. (Source:

This page: also lists some drinking games that use a dice! (not recommended for infants)

Document who the intended user is
The intended user is anybody that would normally use a physical dice. Ideal for infants as a fun interactive toy.

What are their limitations and capabilities?
The dial machine has the ability to take a button press as an input (tactile input), and output a number variation from 1 to 6. The dial machine has the limitation of 1 input, and 6 possible outputs.

How does the design of your toy take their limitations and capabilities into account?
As infants are young and their capability to control a complex toy is difficult, as such The dial machine has been design to have limited functionality and only a single input.

What affordances does your toy offer its users?
The toy is to be used generally with other games, or as a standalone game. As such the toy has been designed to be as simple as possible. The game has only a single button press needed as input, and as such allows better accessibility options than a standard dice would offer. For example someone with limited write/arm movement may find using a normal dice difficult to roll, where as they would most likely be able to make a single button press for the same end result.

Test your toy with a member of your intended audience, and document and discuss your findings.

Tester: Tahnee Saunders


  • No dice rolling around (good)
  • Quieter than dice (good)
  • Exciting to see move and not know when it will stop (good)
  • Button is easy to use (good)
  • Well presented with clear output (good)


  • Easy to use (good)
  • Button needs to be bigger/ more integrated (bad)

The feedback from the tester was useful. Based on observations I realised that the main improvement that could be made would to better integrate the input (button) with the output (dial). Apart from this, the feedback was very good. The user found the dial machine more fun to use than a dice, and the unpredictability element was exciting.