Pong Game

1 April 2015

I am opting to build a One Player Pong Retro Game. The Game will use a controller made from an Arduino, and the display will be on a computer using the Processing Program.

Apart from the difficulties with the manufacturing and the 3D Printing, I believed that the processing code would be the most difficult
and time consuming part. To start I needed to try and implement the basic physics of the ball:

If the ball hits the sides the dX & dY (deltaX and deltaY change).

Finished Game with Game menu (3 Screens), levels (6) and high score.
Speed of the ball increases by 10% every level.

(Playable Game)
Click window then use UP & DOWN arrow keys

[Hardware] I opted to use an Arduino Uno with stock click buttons. I then designed and built a 3D Printed frame to attach to the bread board and then be able to use as a game controller for Pong.

Hand Sketch

3D Render

Once the hardware and the casing was designed I was then able to create the 3D Model in Rhino3D and use a Makerbot to print. I have created a time lapse of the process:
Time Lapse

(Finished Product)