Personal Goal Framework

I really enjoy setting and tracking goals, and believe that it can have a massive impact in your work and your personal life. I have created this framework over many years, and want to share it in hopes it may be of use to others.

I much prefer the term “Yearly goals” over “resolutions” as I think that it has a positive connotation.


Set tangible, measurable goals in X areas in your life. Break these goals down on a monthly basis, and track and reflect on the goals as the year progresses.

OGEM Yearly Goal Framework

This year (2018) I have set goals in 10 areas of my life. I am going to list them, and give each area some reasoning. (The order of the goals is not of great importance)

1. Purpose + Impact

What is my purpose in life, what am I trying to achieve. If I died tomorrow, have I been spending my time in the right places.

2. Location, Travel + Adventure

Its good for us humans to explore and travel the world. “Travel is good for the soul”. This year I want to visit 1 new country.

3. Money, Finance + Investment

I like to have a money/savings goal. Something like “Save $X,XXX”.

4. Career + Progression

What are my goals with my career, and I moving forward or backwards. Having some tangible goals here has always been a huge benefit to me. This year my goal is to help get Tettra the startup I work at profitable.

5. Health + Fitness

This one is crucial for me, having a good tangible health / fitness goal is excellent. Last year my goal was “Workout (gym/swim/squash) 52 times”

6. Education, Skill Development, Creativity

Continuing to learn is paramount to your future. Generally my goals in this section relate to doing a coursera course, or building things.

7. Social life + relationships

I am sure many people can skip this section, but for me I have to have goals to make a conscious to socialises and not be to much of an introvert.

8. Emotions + well being

This section is key for me, and its mainly about having some goals around self reflection and retrospection. This years goals are: “100 Meditations & 50 journal entries into DayOne”

9. Read + Write

There is a good quote from Warrant buffet “Read 500 pages every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest”. This area is mainly about remembering the basics, reading books and writing. My goals this year are “Read 12 books, and write 12 blog posts”

10. Track

“Have a goal to track the goals”. This area is crucial, and its so all this time invested into goal setting is not wasted. This section is a compulsory part of the goals, and all you need to do is track each of your goals that you have written on a monthly basis. At the start of each month write down the subgoals that you need to achieve to be on track for your yearly goals, E.g If I have to read 12 books in the year, I have to have finished one; I need to have meditated 8.3 times etc. etc.


The framework is simple, and I always try to make a good number of the goals achievable and realistic. Their is nothing more demoralising that realising you have only achieved 1/20 of the goals you set. Getting 17/20 feels much better. Take on the framework and customise it to suit yourself.


Like tracking, having a guarantor, or someone that is going to make your accountable is massively valuable. @tahneesaunders and I have a yearly ritual of heading to a cafe for a day and doing a year retrospective (goal review) and then goal setting for the next year.