Software Design and Architecture SWEN90007 was one of my favorite subjects at university. I did extremely well with a 92% average on the projects.

The project was a *A multi-staged, pair-based project in which students propose features of a system with properties commonly found in large-scale distributed enterprise systems, engineer an *architectural design ** for that systems, and implement and evaluate it using industry-standard enterprise tools and frameworks.

The system that we aim to build was a replacement with the current issue tracking system for the UniMelb. We found that the current system was cumbersome and unnecessarily difficult to use.

The two core use-cases for the system was when a user was creating a support ticket and then when a staff member would resolve the ticket.

Using a tagging system to label the support tickets, support staff would then simply be able to click on a particular tag to refine the support ticket inbox of active tickets.
Active Tickets

The support staff member could then respond to the support ticket, and update the ticket for the user.


Furthermore, the support ticket system also included user accounts that were emailed verified and updatable.

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